Miami-Dade County

Man Ransacks Miami-Dade Auto Dealership, Falls Asleep in Stolen Car

Suspect allegedly broke into dealership, smashed building and car windows before stealing vehicle

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A man who spent hours ransacking a Miami-Dade auto dealership was caught after he fell asleep inside a stolen car he drove through the fence of the business.

The incident began around midnight Tuesday when the suspect broke into Matrix Auto Sales on Northwest 27th Avenue.

Manager Hector Smith said security cameras captured the man breaking into the front gate and smashing a window to the office using a shovel.

"We have about 15 cameras around the whole property, I mean it’s just, It’s visible that he just wasn’t thinking right," Smith said.

Smith said the man spent about four hours on the property, at one point breaking the window of a Volkswagen before he decided to steal an Infiniti.

The man drove the Infiniti through a fence, leaving side mirrors, skid marks and thousands of dollars in damage in his rear view.

"Probably about $10,000, $15,000 worth of damage. Between all the cars hit, the windows, they gave by itself probably cost about $4,000 to fix," Smith said.

Smith said the suspect didn't get far, and was found sleeping in the stolen car after police used the GPS to find it.

“They found the car with the individual inside, seat belt on, sleeping," Smith said.

Police haven't released the suspect's identity or said what charges he's facing.

"We pride ourselves on doing hard work, 13-hour days, 14-hour days, and it sucks for this to happen to a family business," Smith said.

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