Man Recalls Alleged Attack by Officer Involved in Fight with Lieutenant

Ayinde Crespo thought he had heard the last of Miami Police Officer Marcel Jackson after he won a complaint against him for allegedly attacking him. But to Crespo’s surprise, the recent video of a fight between Officer Jackson and a Lieutenant went public, Crespo decided to speak out.

“I’m like, this is the same dude that beat me up when trying to arrest me and now he’s beating up officers,” Crespo told NBC 6 investigator Willard Shepherd. “I was like, wow!”

Crespo said Jackson arrested him for a misdemeanor after a cab driver said Crespo didn’t pay the full fare. Crespo claimed Jackson attacked him from behind him leaving gashes to his face, injuries to his wrist, and damage to his eye.

“I went to the doctor and they said I had a torn retina in my eye,” Crespo said. “I have been having flashing lights in my eye since the incident and I just don’t think it’s right for him to do people like that.”

Crespo filed a complaint against Jackson and the independent civilian review panel voted to sustain the allegation of abusive treatment saying Officer Jackson was found to be in violation of the degree of force to be used in making an arrest.

Miami Police said Jackson wasn’t disciplined over the arrest and that while the civilian panel may have said Jackson was abusive; internal affairs officers and the civilian panel’s own investigator said Jackson wasn’t abusive.

A total of 19 other citizens have filed complaints against Jackson, but Crespo said he’s the only one he’s aware of who has won. Crespo’s attorney, David Kubilian called Jackson’s actions inexcusable and said his client is considering a lawsuit.

“I had a feeling one day the truth would come to light and I’m glad that he’s showing people his real self,” Crespo said. “I’m sure there’s a whole lot more in the camera he’s trying to hide.”

Crespo said he was ordered to pay the cab fare at the center of his arrest and was given six months probation.

As for Officer Jackson’s recent fight with an internal affairs lieutenant that was caught on camera, Jackson has been relieved of duty with pay. The lieutenant involved, David Ramras, has been reassigned to an investigations unit.

The state attorney’s office is investigating the matter because Lt. Ramras’ division was internal affairs, which typically investigates matters like this between cops.

Officer Jackson's attorney, Scott Srebnick sent a letter to Miami Police Chief Manuel Orosa and Major Jorge Martin of the Special Investigations Section Monday night that demanded “that Officer Jackson be returned to duty forthwith.”

Miami Police Chief Manuel Orosa said Officer Jackson was relieved of duty not for the altercation, but for failing to preserve evidence. In a statement released Wednesday, Chief Manuel Orosa said the police department didn't know Officer Marcel Jackson had been recording many of his traffic stops.

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