Neighbor Rescues Woman Being Mauled By Dog

Man shoots dangerous dog in Miami Springs

A Miami Springs man is being called a hero after he jumped into action Friday as a woman and her pet were being attacked by an out-of-control dog.

The woman was walking her mixed Labrador near the intersection of Morningside Drive and Palmetto Drive when, without warning, another dog came charging from a house they were passing, witnesses said. The animal first went after the dog and then its owner.

It's unclear what breed of dog it was, but it looks like some form or a pit bull mix, which is currently illegal to own in Miami-Dade County.

That's when Dan Robling rushed out of his home and put a bullet in the attacking dog. He said the dog had the woman's arm in its mouth and was trying to pull the woman to the ground.

The owner of the dead dog was not home at the time of the attack, but a woman at the house said the animal had just been brought over to the U.S. from Cuba.

The woman was treated on the scene by paramedics and she is expected to be OK. She suffered some bite marks along her arm and hands. The status of her dog is unknown.

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