Man Robs Store With His Finger

Surveillance cameras capture a man robbing a store armed only with his finger

There is one criminal out there that can claim he has more power in his finger than others have in their arsenal of weapons.

According to the Broward Sheriff's Office, a man robbed a 7-Eleven with just his finger. Well, a finger gun to be precise. You know, like when you used to play cops and robbers and would pretend your hands could double as weapons of mass destruction.

And wouldn't you know it, the finger gun works.

BSO released surveillance camera from the July 11 robbery which clearly shows the man reaching under his shirt and pointing his finger at the employees behind the counter, pretending it was a gun. The man reportedly told the cashier that if he didn't get the cash quickly he would unload his finger, er, gun in the store. The scared employees, and who can blame them, were too frightened to notice that it was his finger and coughed up the money in the register.

As he walked out, the suspect pulled his hand from under his shirt and opened the door with no gun in sight.

Investigators are hoping the release of the tape will help nab the bold robber.

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