Man Saved Hanging from High Rise Reunites with Rescue Crew

It was a heartfelt reunion between Marcos Perdomo and the men who saved his life.

"It's an incredible feeling just seeing his family and how grateful they are," said Robert Campos with Key Biscayne Fire Rescue.

The 63-year-old Perdomo dangled from the Grand Bay Resort in Key Biscayne after a scaffold collapsed.

"One of his sons was actually one of the other workers that were on the scene watching the whole thing watching his dad dangling there for 45 minutes to an hour," Key Biscayne Fire Rescue Deputy Chief Marcos Osorio said.

That same son is proudly standing beside his father and first responders Sunday, as everyone relives the intense moments.

Once the motor stopped working, Perdomo says it only took a few seconds for the scaffold to turn upside down.

"To say the least you really don't expect to see a man hanging from a cord," Campos said.

Rescue crews were tasked with lowering Perdomo from the building safely to the ground with secure lines-- not easy given the high winds Thursday afternoon.

"It was extremely windy with the wind coming off the ocean," Miami Fire Rescue's Miguel Perez. "You couldn't take your feet off the wall. If you were you were going to spin."

Timothy Gleason was the first technical rescuer to repel down to Perdomo. At that point Gleason was able to hook Perdomo to his harness and save him from the terrifying drop.

"Any time we can obviously have you know a very positive effect on somebody's life and see the fruits of our labor it's a pretty good feeling," Gleason said.

It was quick thinking and teamwork that got the job done.

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