Man Shot Dead After Home Invasion: Cops

A man was shot and killed after he apparently tried to break into a home, police said

A home was left in shambles Saturday night after a robbery attempt went very wrong.

Authorities said they are investigating a shooting that left one dead after an apparent home invasion in Miramar shortly after 11:30 p.m. 

Miramar Police said they believe a man tried to break into a home along the 6100 block of SW 27th Street in Miramar but was shot and killed by a visitor.

Bullets pierced the couch and the blinds, witnesses said.

"My cousin came home while I was at McDonalds. A guy came behind him with a gun, told him to get on the ground, put him on the floor telling him he was killing them and everything,” said Keon Mobley, one of two brothers who lives in the duplex.

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Mobley told NBC 6 he was ready to kick back and watch the game with friends and went to grab food for them.

The victims said the robber held them at gun point and began putting hats in his bag but did not want cash.

When Mobley came back, the robber was at the door and told him to get on the ground, too, police said.

The robber was then shot by a family member inside the house and was found dead on the floor, police said.

"I start running, straight down the block, he shot like six times,” Mobley said. “As soon as he got back to the door my cousin shot him like I don’t know how many times but it was gruesome.”

Witnesses who heard the bullets reported seeing a gray Honda fleeing the scene. Police stopped the car on Miramar Parkway and 62nd Avenue but found there were only witnesses and victims inside, police said. Authorities said the victims were fearful and fled.

Mobley said he will pray for the suspect and his family. "He looked young, it’s sad what people do these days,” Mobley said. "At the end of the day, I have my family, we're still here, I'm going to pray him."

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