Man Shot in Dispute Over Dog Poop Dies

A South Florida man who was shot during a dispute over dog poop during Father's Day weekend has died.

Jose Rey succumbed to his injuries just more than a week after he was shot while taking his dog for a walk Father's Day weekend, Miami-Dade Police Department officials confirmed to NBC 6 Tuesday. 

According to police, Rey was walking his dog home on the evening of June 20th in his Kendall neighborhood when one of his neighbors, 66-year-old Omar Rodriguez, said Rey's dog was attempting to defecate in Rodriguez's son's yard. Neighbors told police that the two men began arguing loudly and Rodriguez told police that Rey threatened to return and fight him.

The dispute continued as Rey stopped to talk outside of a neighbor's house. Rodriguez told police that after he spotted what appeared to be a shiny object in Rey's hand, he went to his car and retrieved a gun from his glove compartment.

He then pointed the gun at Rey, and fired when the man appeared to move closer, according to police.

A neighbor told police that Rodriguez shot Rey two times. According to the Miami-Dade Police Department's arrest report, Rodriguez also threatened to shoot Rey's wife when she ran over to help her husband.

Rey, a father of two, underwent two surgeries and was in critical condition at Kendall Regional Hospital. Family members and friends said he suffered severe abdominal and spinal injuries.

Rey spent Father's Day and the following week in the hospital, but died late Monday.

Neighbors told NBC 6 this was not the first time Rodriguez threatened residents in the area.

Several neighbors told NBC 6 they've filed restraining orders to keep Rodriguez away because he doesn't even live in the neighborhood where the shooting took place. The incident happened at his son's home. However, it's the same story in Rodriguez's own neighborhood a couple of miles away.

"He did not like anyone walking on his sidewalk," one neighbor said. "He considered it his. And if you walked by, you were able to become a victim of his aggressiveness."

NBC 6 contacted Rodriguez's wife, who declined to comment. Rodriguez has also hired an attorney.

Rodriguez was initially charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Police say new charges are pending in the wake of Rey's death.

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