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Man Stopped From Shopping at Miami Beach Publix for Not Wearing Mask Goes on Explicit Rant

'I have a right to buy groceries without being forced to participate in your f------ terrorism,' the man is heard ranting in the footage.

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A man who was stopped at a Miami Beach Publix for not wearing a mask was caught on body camera footage going on a profanity-laced rant.

On Sunday night, just before the Publix closed, an unidentified man was denied entrance to the store. And it set him off.

"You are in violation of my f------ constitutional rights and my civil rights," the man is seen screaming in the footage.

The explicit rant was caught on the bodycamera of a code enforcement officer who was doing routine checks.

"Excuse me, you need to wear a mask, do you understand that?" the officer is heard asking.

The angry customer claims the coronavirus is a hoax, despite the millions of cases and hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide.

Publix and other grocery stores have policies requiring guests to wear masks to reduce the spread. A Miami Beach emergency order also requires people to wear face coverings in public spaces

"F--- you motherf-----, there's no pandemic, I’m filing a motherf------ lawsuit. I have a right to buy groceries without being forced to participate in your f------ terrorism," he says.

This exchange comes after Miami Beach police issued hundreds of warnings for people who weren't wearing face masks.

It's the latest example of tempers flaring across the country. In Michigan, a security guard was shot and killed after a dispute with a customer. 

Also in Michigan, a man was arrested after he wiped his nose on a clerk's shirt when asked why he wasn't wearing a mask.

A beach-goer in Texas was arrested after shoving a park ranger into the water after the ranger warned a group about being too close together.

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