Man Strips Naked, Says He's a Monkey: Daytona Beach Police

Officials said the man called the cops on himself.

A Palm Coast man was arrested for indecent exposure after he called police, claimed to be a monkey, and took his clothes off to prove it, said officials.

When police arrived at a 7-Eleven at 623 N. Oleander Avenue early Wednesday, they found 20-year-old Daylen Holloman holding the clerk's phone, said a Volusia County arrest report. Holloman told police he had made the call reporting suspicious activity.

The officer then questioned Holloman, asking him where he was from, what had happened and if the officer could help him, but Holloman repeatedly answered that he didn't know, the report said.

Finally, the officer asked Holloman, "What do you know?"

"I know I'm a monkey," Holloman replied, according to the report.

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Holloman then told the officer to look at the shirt he was wearing. The officer told him he knew Holloman was a human because he was wearing clothes.

Holloman then said, "Oh really?" and began removing his clothes, said the report.

Despite the officer's threats to arrest him, Holloman stripped completely naked, according to police.

When the officer placed him in the prisoner transport van, he gave Holloman his boxer shorts so he could dress himself. The officer noted in the report that Holloman used "extraordinary balance" to lift his boxers up with his foot while his hands were cuffed behind his back.

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