Man Sues for Medical Malpractice Over Amputated Penis

Enrique Milla's attorney claims his client should have never been cleared for the surgery that cost him his penis

A medical malpractice trial is underway Thursday regarding a former Miami resident who claims an anesthesiologist’s mistake led to the partial amputation of his penis.

Plaintiff Enrique Milla, now 65, had an elective penile implant surgery due to his erectile dysfunction but became infected with gangrene two weeks following the surgery. Doctors were forced to operate on his penis again.

Milla’s attorney, Spencer Aronfeld, argues anesthesiologist Dr. Laurentiu Boeru should have postponed the surgery because of Milla's pre-existing diabetes and high blood pressure, according to reports.

"When he showed up at the hospital that day, the one and only person who cleared him for surgery on that day was Dr. Boeru," Aronfeld said.

On Thursday Boeru told the jury he was just the anesthesiologist, not the surgeon.

“This is not my job to clear the procedure,” he said. “This is the urologist that does that.”

Aronfeld said Milla chose to undergo surgery to be able to have sex with his wife. “He didn’t do this to have a bigger penis,” he said. Milla now has to pee through a tube, he added.

But Boeru’s attorney, Jay Chimpoulis, said Milla only needs reconstruction.

"I think that everyone thinks that it’s a penile amputation but it’s not, but that doesn’t sound as sexy as what it really is,” Chimpoulis said. “It is an infection in the penis in an area that had to be debrided and the infected tissue had to be removed. He still has a penis, it’s damaged, it needs to be reconstructed," he said.

Milla first filed a lawsuit in 2009 against urologist Dr. Paul Perito, the doctor who performed the implant. That suit was settled out of court.

The trial that names the anesthesiologist began Monday with the jury set to hear Milla’s testimony via Skype since he was deported to Peru last year. Skype malfunctioned three times during the trial.

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