Miami International Airport

Man Swallows 28 Cocaine Pellets Before Inspection at MIA: U.S. Customs

A man who was caught traveling with two pounds of cocaine at Miami International Airport allegedly swallowed some of the drugs to try and avoid getting caught, officials said.

When the Jamaican traveller went through inspection, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers found a white powdery substance and a "tiny drug balloon, or pellet," concealed within a pair of his sandals.

The items, which weighed about 1.3 pounds, field tested positive for cocaine. Upon questioning, the man said he had swallowed cocaine, and was taken to a local hospital for examination.

An X-ray showed the presence of "foreign objects," and the man later passed 28 pellets that tested positive for cocaine, according to officials.

“Swallowing drugs is an extremely dangerous method of concealment and CBP officers are highly skilled at thwarting smuggling attempts," said Miami International Airport Acting Port Director Robert Del Toro.

"It's important to deter this type of illegal activity which can be fatal if a pellet bursts."

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