Man Threatened to Blow Up SunPass Headquarters in Doral: Police

A man is facing charges after authorities say he threatened to blow up the SunPass headquarters in Doral after he became upset over a billing dispute.

Khambrel Dailey, 29, was arrested Wednesday on one count of threatening to place a destructive device, Doral Police officials said.

Police said Dailey made several phone calls to the SunPass call center over a dispute concerning toll charges. During the call Dailey made multiple threats to place a bomb and blow up the headquarters, police said.

Dailey identified himself by name, the phone number on his account and his address during the calls, police said. Dailey later told detectives he was angry when he made the calls and never had any intentions of blowing up the headquarters or harming anyone, police said.

Jail records showed Dailey was being held on $7,500 bond Thursday. Attorney information wasn't available.

"No matter how frustrated or or upset you may be at a billing dispute, you cannot go to the extreme where you make a threat that you're going to harm people by setting off an explosive device," Doral Police spokesman Rey Valdes said. "You can't do that. Not in the day and age we are living in."

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