Man Rescued From Construction Vehicle Stuck in Mud in Davie

Davie Fire Rescue crews rescued a man who became trapped in a construction vehicle that got stuck in the mud Friday morning.

Crews were dispatched to 1851 Southwest 115th Avenue where a home was under construction. The worker was trapped between the crane of the bobcat and the bucket of the bobcat.

"It was loud enough and long enough. I guess as the pressure kept, the machine was slipping and the pressure was pushing, so the guy had a rough day," explained Dana Rushetsky, who heard the worker screaming in pain.

Capt. Miguel Ferrer with Davie Fire Rescue kept the worker talking during the ordeal, "Good conversation with him, trying to keep him with us the whole time. I mean, he obviously was in severe pain but he was able to tell us who he was and assist us with, 'I feel it loosening,' and whatnot."

For about an hour, firefighters tried to figure out the best way to pull the man out, dealing with soft sand, the water hazard and a very unstable situation.

"We tried a couple of things that were just not working in that soft sand, which led us to build up the platform," Capt. Ferrer explained.

A platform of wood was used under the vehicle to keep it stable. Firefighters were then able to lift the bucket up just slightly and pull the man out.

Medics airlifted him to Broward Health Medical Center with serious injuries to both his legs.

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