Man Unhappy With Wig Delivery Denied Refund

Ignazio Amato wanted to enhance his looks. He found what he thought would be the perfect wig on Amazon. When he received the delivery, the wig wasn't quite right.

"It cost me $146. I saw it got some damage because I don't see full coverage," Ignazio explained.

He says he called Amazon to complain and asked to return it for a refund.

Ignazio says he was told the wig was from a third-party seller and that someone would get back to him. A week later, he got a call back and says he was told to send back the wig, pay the shipping return fee and then he would be refunded the shipping fee along with the cost of the wig.

Ignazio says he thought it was strange to pay for return shipping but says he followed the instructions he was given.

"He told me for sure, 100% Amazon is responsible to pay both. So, that's why we sent it back," Ignazio recalled.

He paid $84 to ship the wig back and once Amazon received confirmation of the shipment he got this email saying: "We have investigated your claim and denied your request because you are not eligible for a refund under the A to Z guarantee."

That's when Ignazio decided to call NBC 6 Responds/T51 Responde. We reached out to Amazon to ask about Ignazio's case and its refund policy. This is the statement sent by the company: "We are working directly with the customer to resolve his issue."

A few days later, Ignazio received an email from Amazon confirming a $149 refund for the wig. The email also stated the company was sending the return shipping receipt to the third-party seller to get that portion of the refund issued.

"I'm so happy I received all the money back and thank you very much," Ignazio said.

While Amazon wouldn't go into specifics about Ignazio's case or its refund policy, on its website Amazon says the A to Z guarantee protects consumers when purchased items are sold and fulfilled by a third-party seller. It also says, in the end, Amazon's team determines if the consumer is eligible for a refund and it may be required to contact the seller first.

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