Man Uses Car as Umbrella, Runs Over Wife

And who says chivalry is dead?

You've heard of a man giving up his jacket to cover up his woman in a storm or placing it over a puddle to make sure her feet don't get wet. Well, a Margate man mistakenly gave his wife some car cover. Too bad for his wife, he ran her right over her.

The unidentified man didn't want his wife to get wet as the rain poured down Tuesday morning. So instead of making her walk to the car, the husband backs the car up to their home - and over her. The husband had no clue he had run over his love and went looking for his wife in the house before noticing her body under the vehicle.

According to fire rescue officials, the woman, who is in her mid 80s, was completely pinned under the car, but alert and conscious when rescue workers arrived. She was freed with minor injuries, but taken to the hospital for precautionary measures.

Sometimes it really is the thought that counts. Luckily, the chivalrous act had a somewhat happy ending, but an investment in an umbrella should suffice next time.

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