Andrew Pestano

Airport Trespasser Claimed He Was HIV Positive, Spit at Officer: Police

The Pembroke Pines Police Department said the man detained on the tarmac of North Perry Airport has been charged with battery after he claimed he was HIV positive and then spit on a police officer.

The incident occurred Friday afternoon when the unidentified man wearing an FC Barcelona soccer team jersey was seen walking through the tarmac while using his cell phone prior to being swarmed by police.

As police squads approached, the man seemingly looked bewildered.

"The suspect was apprehended within seconds," the PPPD said in a statement. "While the suspect was handcuffed, he claimed to be HIV positive, and spit saliva directly and intentionally on a police officer."

Officers arrested on possible charges of trespassing and battery on a law enforcement officer.

North Perry Airport said airport officials attempted to make contact with the man as he walked around the airfield but said he did not comply. The airport then called police and the man was detained.

North Perry Airport said it does not know how the man entered the premises.

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