Man Charged with Stripping in Stranger's Home

Deputies said the man was in a state of "excited delirium."

A man was charged after deputies said he walked into another person's house, removed his clothes and shouted nonsensical phrases before resisting arrest.

The Palm Beach Sheriff's Office said a man named Conrad Hopper walked through the unlocked door of a home at 9240 Braclet Drive Saturday night in Lake Worth.

Deputies said Hopper was in a state of "excited delirium."

The person inside the home was feeding his aunt's dogs at the time and told deputies Hopper appeared intoxicated, but not from alcohol.

Hopper then began touching the victim's face and tried to take the victim's glasses off, according to deputies. Hopper then started taking all his clothes off while making loud, nonsensical statements, so the victim left the house and called 911.

When authorities arrived, they said they saw Hopper walking around completely naked "in a menacing manner" and breaking objects in the house.

He was shouting statements such as "5,6,7,8.....grandma.......grandma.......girlfriend........1234," according to deputies.

He eventually walked out through the back door of the house holding a large clock with sharp utensils protruding from its border, deputies said.

Officials told him to lie down on his face and he sat down instead. When officials released canine officers, Hopper started punching them and trying to gouge their eyes out, deputies said. He did the same when he was approached by four deputies.

Finally, Hopper was subdued by a stun gun, but it took six more deputies and fire rescue members to restrain him.

Hopper was taken to Wellington Hospital for evaluation. He was charged with burglary, simple battery, criminal mischief, aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer, battery on a K-9 officer and resisting arrest with violence.

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