Man Accused of Shooting Neighbor Over Parking Spot in 2011 Appears in Court

A man accused of shooting and killing his neighbor in a dispute over property lines in 2011 was in a Miami courtroom Tuesday as the defense case begins.

The state rested its case against Jose Mora in the three-year-old incident. Mora took the stand in his own defense Tuesday, testifying through an interpreter about being harassed and disrespected by his former neighbor, Julio Pena.

A bitter feud between Mora and Pena ended with Mora shooting and killing Pena over a parking spot.

Police say the two men had been arguing over the property line and a fence between their houses in the 300 block of West 40th Place in Hialeah when Mora retrieved the gun and shot Pena.

Pena, who was married with a young daughter at the time, was killed at the scene. Mora was arrested and charged with second-degree murder.

Police said the 33-year-old Pena had been moving a truck so he could keep working on a new room he was adding to his home.

Defense attorneys expect the case to end Thursday.

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