Pompano Beach

Mating Manatees Frolick in Shallow Water at Pompano Beach

Beachgoers got an close-up look at a group of manatees in Pompano Beach Monday.

About a dozen manatees were spotted in the 1300 block of S. Ocean Boulevard. Footage showed them getting close to shore as a group formed on the beach to watch them splash around.

It's unknown why the manatees were so close to shore, but officials with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said it's likely they were mating.

Mating herds usually include a female and multiple males, FWC officials said.

"It's great, I mean, you don't see this in Atlanta," tourist Kylee Myers said.

"When I get back to Kentucky I want to be able to show him I saw some mother nature action," Stacey Brown said.

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