Coral Gables

Suspect Arrested After Alleged Assault on Coral Gables Officer

A massive search in Coral Gables has come to an end after a suspect was arrested after an alleged incident involving two police officers.

Police units, including K-9 officers, responded to the scene on 400 Valencia Avenue Friday morning after a suspect allegedly assaulted two policeman during an arrest attempt. 

Detectives said the suspect took off when officers confronted him about an aggravated stalking case against his ex-girlfriend. The officers were bruised up, but not seriously injured. The suspect then fled and barricated himself inside a building under construction on Lejeune Road, according to officials.

The suspect apparently asked building workers for help. 

"Suddenly a stranger shows up without a t-shirt and a cast on his right hand," said Carlos Garcia. "He looked very tired and he asked me for water."

Garcia said the suspect ran downstairs at the sound of police sirens. Soon after, construction crews evacuated the building as the manhunt continued.

Hours later, the K-9 unit found the suspect hiding on the third floor inside the contruction walls, said Edward J. Hudak, Coral Gables police chief. 

Police from several different agencies, including city of Miami, South Miami and Miami-Dade, assisted in trying to get the suspect to turn himself in. Eventually, he was taken into custody. 

The suspect will likely face two charges of battery against an officer. 

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