Man's Badly Burned Body Found in Sauna

The cause of death has not been determined.

A man was found dead Monday, his body had been badly burned and lawyers for the family say a sauna at their complex is to blame.

“I found someone that was so burnt beyond recognition, his skin felt worse than a dried piece of beef jerky,” said Lara Antiporek, daughter of the man who died. “I’m talking about my father. The most important man in my life and I’m speaking like he was just a dried up piece of meat.”

Dennis Antiporek’s family said he regularly went to the sauna, almost daily. Overnight Monday, Dennis left a note for the family that he was going, but he never returned. Dennis’ wife and daughter found his body in the sauna.

“But to find someone that you loved, that you looked at; he was black and there were large pieces of skin all on the floor and blood,” said Dennis’ wife, Ronni Antiporek. “My husband shouldn’t have been burnt. No one should see their loved one that way.”

Attorneys for the family accused Eden Isles Condos and Elite Management of negligence in the death. However, there has been no cause of death released for Dennis Antiporek.

“The timer switch malfunctioned,” said attorney Douglas Ede. “We know that for a fact. We believe the sauna itself, the thermostat malfunctioned.”

NBC 6’s Jamie Guirola reached out to the management company about the death, but the company said the case is still under investigation and offered no further comment.

As for Antiporek’s family, they are trying to move forward with their lives without the man they called husband and father.

“I can’t get that image out of my head,” said daughter Lara. “I can’t get the smell out of anywhere. I can’t take the heat. I can’t do anything.”

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