Many Await More Aid as Congress Nears Deal on $900 Billion Relief Package

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Like most people, professional photographer Deborah Singer has had a rough 2020.

Work dried up when the pandemic hit in March.

“I was photographing babies in hospitals and children, doing sports, and since COVID, everything’s gone away,” Singer said.

She says the first round of stimulus checks helped her get by and hopes plans for a second round move forward.

“That would be extremely helpful for me and my family because we’re behind on bills like everybody else,” Singer said. “It would definitely help.”

After months of back and forth, a new coronavirus relief bill may soon be on the way.

“I think that a stimulus payment to American families in need, struggling to put food on the table and pay their rent or mortgages, certainly deserves approval,” said Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut.

NBC News reports the bill would total about $900 billion and include stimulus checks, around $600 per person. That’s half the amount of the first round of checks, which were $1,200 per person.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell described the urgency of getting relief to people in need.

“Congressional leaders on both sides are going to keep working until we get this done,” McConnell said.

NBC 6 News political analyst Carlos Curbelo says the compromise comes after much gridlock. 

“After many months of waiting, after many months of negotiations that led to nowhere, by this weekend, Congress will produce a broad COVID relief bill,” Curbelo said.

It’s help that Singer says will go a long way.

“Every bit helps,” Singer said. “I’m not complaining.”

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