Marco Rubio Speaks at Israel Rally in Miami Beach

France was the topic of conversation at a pro-Israel rally in Miami Beach.

Republican Presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and other South Florida politicians were in attendance at the rally Sunday evening.

Rubio used the opportunity to condemn the attacks in Paris, saying they are a "reminder that evil is alive and well in the world." In a statement released yesterday Rubio also called the attacks a "wake-up call" and described the events as a "clash of civilizations."

The theme of the event was "Never Again." It was a rally against anti-semitism and the campaign against Israel's existence.

The rally was planned before the terrorist attacks in Paris took place, but everyone present stood together in a moment of silence to honor the victims in France.

"We were reminded this week that unfortunately, evil is alive and well in the world." said Sen. Rubio, addressing the crowd. "And we are reminded that we are still called to be vigilant and to defeat it in every form that it takes."

Rubio closed his speech saying "It [Evil] changes names, it changes locations, but it is evil nonetheless."

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