Marlins Can't Get 500 People To Watch Them

If a Marlins game is played in front of 347 fans, does it still count in the standings?

Ever attend or watch a Marlins game on TV and wonder what the discrepancy between the announced crowd and the actual crowd is?

One fan decided to do just that while attending the first leg of today's Marlins double-header against the Cincinnati Reds at Sun Life Stadium.

Twitter user @790Justin took a headcount at the first pitch of Wednesday's first game at 4:10 and tweeted the result: "Unofficial count of 347 at Sun Life for first pitch...myself included! Counted by hand. Still not the smallest crowd I've seen here."

He also posted a photo of the empty stadium on Twitter. We're guessing those are actual empty seats, and not a throng of people wearing Joe Robbie camo shirts.

To be fair, the team only announced last night that Thursday's game would be moved to Wednesday afternoon, and with school back in session there are fewer fans available to make an afternoon trip to Sun Life Stadium.

Plus, the game was moved because of the threat of Hurricane Irene, so South Floridians have some more pressing things on their mind right now.

But 347 is a might bit embarrassing, even for the franchise with the worst average attendance in Major League Baseball.

The Marlins won the game 6-5. But while an attendance of 22,505 was recorded for the late game, as of this writing MLB has not released the official attendance figure of the afternoon victory.

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