Marlins' Ichiro Has No Plans to Retire Anytime Soon

Marlins outfielder Ichiro Suzuki wants to keep playing baseball for many years to come

Miami Marlins outfielder Ichiro Suzuki has no intention of retiring from baseball anytime soon.

Ichiro made his thoughts public on Wednesday, when he sat down with the Miami Herald. The likely future Hall-of-Famer will begin the 2017 season as a 43-year old. That age makes Suzuki the oldest active position player in Major League Baseball. Some say age is just a number, and Ichiro seems to follow that belief.

The outfielder is known for his extremely good work ethic and his dedication to the game he clearly loves. Ichiro gets to the park early and works out even when the Marlins are off. His workout regimen is one that impresses his peers around the game and has played a role in Ichiro's legendary career.

“For me, if I stay on the couch all day — or even one day — I’ll be more tired doing that than going out and giving my body a workout.” Ichiro said.

Last season, Ichiro joined the magical 3,000 hit club. While the outfielder did not need this achievement to reach an elite level, it was just one more fine accomplishment on his résumé. When factoring in his hits from Japan, Ichiro has the most hits in professional baseball history. If just MLB is considered, Ichiro still trails Pete Rose by a great deal.

The number Ichiro threw around in the interview, is one that he has mentioned in the past as well. Ichiro would like to play until he's 50 and he let it be known that it is a serious goal. While achieving that goal may mean returning to the Japanese league, Ichiro seems to have his eyes sight on a realistic dream.

“When you retire from baseball, you have until the day you die to rest,” Ichiro added.

For 2017, Ichiro will be Miami's fourth outfielder once again. This will be the third season for Ichiro with the Marlins and he has a beloved member of the clubhouse. If Ichiro can continue his production, there is little doubt that Miami will try to keep him around. Beyond the stats, Ichiro brings a wealth of experience and leadership to Miami's locker room daily.

The Marlins will begin the 2017 season on April 3rd in Washington, D.C.

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