Marlins Park Hosts ‘Pokemon Go' Battle at Ballpark

Marlins Park opened its field for a huge gathering of "Pokemon Go" players.

Lovers of catching Pikachu and playing catch united on the on the field at the Marlins Park Saturday

"We're here for the game and Pokemon Go," said Sean Lucas, Pokemon and Marlins fan.

Lucas and others were able to catch Pokemon on the popular app which uses GPS technology to allow animated creatures like these to appear in the real world or in today's case: at the Marlins Park

Chris Johnson, a Pokemon and baseball fan, says it's fun for him because he can check out all the cool stuff in the stadium and play his favorite game at the same time.

For 15 or 30 dollars, pending on your seats, you could check out some of the baseball stadiums most famous pokestops like the marlins home plate and the homerun celebration and then enjoy a ticket to the game

Irvin Lucas brought his son to the pokemon event and says its gives access to the field you don't normally get.

That's why battle at the ball park was created the idea was not just to nurture young baseball fans but also give them a safe place away from outside trouble so they could catch pokemon

Charles Sano, director of special events, says this "gives families the opportunity to be in a controlled environment, so that way it is safe for the kids to come out here."

"It's like every sport, if you don't have young fans they don't start young they don't grow up to be fans later," said Lucas.

Poke masters might not be able to catch Miami Marlins on their games app, but they're sure to have a ball during tonight's home game.

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