Marlins' Stanton Drawing Interest Around League: Report

Multiple teams have reportedly shown interest in acquiring Marlins All-Star Giancarlo Stanton

Multiple teams are interested in trading for Miami Marlins All-Star Giancarlo Stanton, according to a report from SiriusXM.

Stanton's contract is expected to be the biggest roadblock in any deal, in addition to his no-trade clause. With the Marlins unlikely to compete, the latter may not end up much of an issue for Stanton. A potential rebuild in Miami could also be a factor in Stanton's decision, should the team find a trade partner.

Stanton is currently signed to a 13-year contract and can opt-out of the deal following the 2020 season. Teams looking to acquire Stanton may be hesitant to give up top talent and the Marlins would likely have to send money with Stanton. With nearly $300 million remaining on his contract, Stanton is a player that some teams simply would be unable to afford.

The San Francisco Giants and St. Louis Cardinals were reported as two of the teams interested in Stanton's services. Both franchises have spent big money in the past, but neither is likely to head to the World Series this season. Stanton could waive his no-trade clause though for either of the teams, as they are arguably closer to contention than Miami is.

Another factor in any potential trade of Stanton, will be the ownership situation at Marlins Park. With Miami up for sale, a decision such as this will likely need approval from the league. If a new owner is close to purchasing the team, that party may need to be consulted as well. While current owner Jeffrey Loria may be looking to reduce the team's debt, a new owner may have plans for Stanton on his roster.

In addition to Stanton, the Marlins are expected to engage in talks for some other players on the roster. The trade deadline is about two weeks away and the Marlins have a barren farm system. Trading a few players off the big-league roster, could help Miami succeed in upcoming seasons.

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