Marlins' Stanton Wants Changes to Roster

Giancarlo Stanton let it be known that he would like to see the Marlins make roster changes

Miami Marlins star Giancarlo Stanton would like to see his team make changes to its roster, according to a report by the Miami Herald.

Stanton is currently on the disabled list due to a broken hamate bone, and has seen the Marlins spiral in the standings. Even with Stanton in action, Miami was struggling to stay competitive. Once this season became a lost campaign, the Marlins unloaded several players without adding any impactful players back.

This off-season could be a critical one for the Marlins as Stanton watches to see if the team tries to improve. The All-Star has an opt-out in his 13-year contract following the 2020 season, and not improving next year could begin a domino effect going forward.

Stanton is not looking for one change, or anything minor. The outfielder wants to see significant improvement. His team is currently only one game ahead of the last place Philadelphia Phillies, and is teetering on having the worst record in baseball.

“We need a lot of changes,” Stanton said.

Those changes will need to come both via free agency and the trade route. Miami doesn't have many valuable assets in the minor leagues to trade which could handcuff the front office. It could result in the Marlins trading a MLB ready player such as Marcell Ozuna in order to improve elsewhere.

Adding an ace-type pitcher to the rotation is something that would be a big boost to Miami's competitive chances. The issue at hand however is the expense of doing so. David Price, Jordan Zimmermann and Johnny Cueto are all set to hit the free agent market. It is unlikely that the Marlins will be able to afford their services however.

Miami will try to avoid falling into a tie for the worst record in MLB when they face the Phillies on Sunday.

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