Martin County Judge Rules TV Interview With Alleged Face Eating Murder Suspect Can be Released

A Martin County judge ruled Wednesday that an interview with a college student who allegedly killed a couple inside their home and ate part of a victim’s face can be given to the media.

According to NBC affiliate WPTV – which filed the motion to have that video released – the judge granted that motion in an afternoon hearing that would allow an interview Austin Harrouff gave with the national television show “Dr. Phil” to be made public.

However, the judge immediately stayed his decision for two days to allow defense attorneys a chance to seek a review of the decision if they want.

Harrouff, a former Florida State University student, is charged with the murders of John Stevens and Mishcon in their home last August after allegedly stabbing both of them to death. Harrouff also is charged with stabbing a neighbor who tried to stop the attack.

Toxicology reports showed that Harrouff did not have synthetic drugs in his system at the time, but did have traces of THC from marijuana as well as alcohol. Deputies say he swallowed something before being arrested that required his extensive stay in the hospital.

The interview, filmed inside Harrouff’s hospital room, has not been broadcast by the show.

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