Masked Suspect Wanted for Preying on Women in Coral Gables: CGPD

Police in Coral Gables have spent months searching for a masked suspect who allegedly preys on women. Now, they are focusing on a specific area, warning residents of what to watch out for in order to stay safe.

Police made a pin map that has 13 pins and shows how close the crimes are to each other, most are within a few blocks and not more than a mile.

They happened in the area of Ponce De Leon Boulevard and Southwest 8th Street.

In total, there have been 18 burglaries between Coral Gables, Miami and surrounding cities. But these aren't burglaries where the criminal comes in, swipes some stuff and leaves. In many of these cases, the masked creeper watches women while they sleep.

One woman in Flagami woke up and found a man standing over her. Police believe the prowler targets women who live on the first floor.

Six of those 18 cases were in the north side of Coral Gables. There hasn't been any reports since May.

"The one good thing about not having any other cases is we have no new victims. And we like to see no new victims. It still makes our investigation a little bit difficult to find because we're working off old evidence. Maybe somebody will see this and say, 'Hey, I saw something," said Officer Kelly Denham with CGPD.

Police have a task force and are determined to catch the suspect. He leaves very little evidence behind and is always masked.

In June of 2014, an armed sexual battery occurred in the 200 block of Menores Avenue where a man entered a female's home through an unlocked door, wore a ski mask and sexually assaulted her.

Police said they believe that suspect may have committed the similar crimes of entering homes and preying on women.

If you have any information to report, call police immediately at (305) 442-1600.

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