Mass Shooting Victim's Mother Wants Justice

Miami Police says it’s making progress on the shooting rampage in Liberty City earlier this week. Thursday, the family of Kevin Richardson, the 30-year-old who was killed, spoke exclusively to NBC6's Jamie Guirola.

Holding pictures of Richardson, his family said, "He loved to pose a lot of pictures saluting."

Memories of the 30-year-old Richardson provide moments of piece for a family in mourning. But at any given time, that feeling can be quickly replaced by anger and sorrow.

Hermana Richardson, Kevin's mother, said, "My son is not your problem. He was nobody’s problem. He’s a good kid. He’s never been in jail for anything but little petit things."

Richardson was killed in a shooting rampage earlier this week in Liberty City. His best friend Nakiel Jackson was also gunned down. Seven others were also shot. Hermana Richardson had to be restrained at the scene.

Hermana said, "I feel so horrible right now because I don’t know what was going through my child’s mind. I don’t know if he was screaming for me or anything."

Police say it was 2:15 in the morning Tuesday when two men shot up an apartment complex in a rage of retaliation over turf wars. Richardson’s family says he was not a target and was not caught up in all that drama.

Keira Arnolds said, "My brother is not involved in any gangs at all whatsover, had never been in trouble. I don’t know why the media is portraying him as some kind of criminal"

Bennae Robinson said, "My nephew was not in a gang. He graduated from school. He traveled. He was just at the wrong place at the wrong time."

And like any parent would, Richardson’s mom wants justice for her oldest son’s death.

Hermana said, "He loves to joke and that’s the only thing I’m gonna miss the most. When he walk in my house; he always have to laugh. That’s what I’m gonna miss. It’s my child, period. I can’t do this no more."

The surviving victims are reportedly doing much better at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Thursday night, the family went back to the scene and hold a vigil where the shooting happened.

"Stop it. When do it stop?" said Arnolds. "Somebody speak up. You know something. What if this was your child, your brother? You all got to stop this. This don't make no sense. Babies gettin killed over here."

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