Massive Illegal Street Race Busted in Northwest Miami-Dade

More than 1,000 cars lined up for illegal event: FHP

State troopers blew the cover off an illegal street race in Northwest Miami-Dade Wednesday night after someone tipped them off.

Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Nelvys Hernandez says more than a thousand cars lined up on Okeechobee Road near Northwest 137th Avenue for the event, some to race, some to watch.

Hernandez said the area was dangerous not only for the racers but also for anyone who comes near them.

"This is a death valley when so many people gather out here," Hernandez said. "It's just horrendous to see so many vehicles coming in and out at a high rate of speed."

When officers showed up Wednesday night, the cars scattered. No injuries were reported, and troopers made at least one arrest.

One man, who received a warning for spectating, said people were "just having fun." He declined to give his name. "We don't race, sometimes we come just to see people race."

The spectator said people invest a lot of money in their cars to make them go as fast as 120 mph. He added people just know they can come see the race there on Wednesday nights.

"They actually close the road sometimes so they can race," said Trooper Hernandez, who noted just watching the illegal event is a crime.

Hernandez said troopers would be watching the area more closely to stop it from happening again.

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