Massive Key Lime Pie Created in Key West

Pie, 8-feet in diameter, could be world's largest

Revelers at Key West's Key Lime Festival are hoping a massive Key Lime Pie is big enough for the record books.

The gargantuan pie, which measured 8-feet, 1-inch in diameter, was unveiled Thursday at the annual South Florida Independence Day event.

Organizers documented the dessert for submission to the Guinness Book of World Records, who will have to certify whether it's the world's largest.

"People like to say nothing's more American than apple pie, but down here in the Florida Keys, we like to say nothing's as Keysey as Key lime pie on the Fourth of July," said festival co-founder David Sloan, who created the giant Key lime pastry with three fellow chefs.

It took 5,760 Key limes, 200 pounds of graham crackers and 55 gallons of sweetened condensed milk to create the pie, which required a specially-made pan the size of a pickup truck.

Slices of the pie were sold to benefit the Key West Firehouse Museum.

The Key Lime Festival continues through Saturday with a Key lime pie-eating contest and "Miss Key Lime" pageants for children and adults.

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