Mayor Gets Speeding Pass in School Zone

Speedgate is erupting in West Palm Beach

crowded platform

Call this Speedgate.

West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel was clocked going a blistering 46 mph through a school zone earlier this week on her way to City Hall, but she never got a ticket.

The mayor was pulled over by a city motorcycle cop, who after realizing it was the head honcho, gave her a warning instead of the $411 ticket any other citizen would have received for speeding near children walking to school.

Apparently, all the mayor had to do was say, "I'm sorry" and the ticket and any evidence of the traffic stop magically disappeared.

The city's PR machine said Frankel begged the office to "treat me as you would any other driver in this circumstance," reports Page2Live, a local blog.

If this is how other speeders are treated, then Officer Josh Martin should have been fired on the spot.

Log this one under don't ticket the hand that feeds you.

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