Meek Warns Opponent: Don't Talk About My Mama

Yo mama jokes have no place in a Senate debate.

Jeff Greene learned a very important lesson Tuesday.

Don't talk about Kendrick Meek's mama.

Once he did that at a U.S. Senate debate between the two leading Democrat candidates, Meek unleashed a stare that would scare back some of the oil in the Gulf.

Greene, a billionaire, accused Meek of scoring his mother a job with a developer to whom Meek helped steer federal funds.

Meek said he was just trying to create jobs and angrily replied: "How dare you attack my mother?"

Meek's mother is former U.S. Rep. and popular Miamian, Carrie Meek.

But Greene wasn't the only one lobbing tar balls at his rival. Meek went over the top earlier in the debate, basically calling Greene the economic anti-Christ.

Greene "brought about the destruction of our economy," Meek said, referring to his opponent's wealth, which was partly built on the foreclosure boom.

"On nights when Floridians went to bed praying that they could save their homes and save the equity in their homes, Mr. Greene was praying they'd lose their homes so he could profit and become a billionaire," Meek said.

Personal attacks aside, the two Democrats are virtually twins on the issues. They both support adoptions by gays, which is currently illegal in Florida, and support dumping the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.

Both also dislike Senate frontrunner, Gov. Charlie Crist, who holds a significantly lead over the Dems and is also ahead of republican candidate Marco Rubio.

The Democrat primary is Aug. 24.

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