Meet the Actors Leading the ‘On Your Feet' Tour

On Your Feet is now on the road – taking the story of Gloria and Emilio Estefan around the country, and the tour is kicking off in South Florida.

“It’s extremely exciting, especially being from Miami, being born and raised and being Cuban American,” said Christie Prades, who is playing Gloria Estefan.

Mauricio Martinez plays Emilio and is from Mexico. But despite their cultural differences, they’re proud to tell the Estefan’s story.

“I’ve always said it. There’s three leading characters: Gloria Estefan, Emilio Estefan and Miami. She’s the other leading lady. We’re bringing it back home. We’re bringing it to the place where they met, where they fell in love, where they fought for their music and sound,” said Martinez.

On Your Feet tells the story of the trials and tribulations Gloria and Emilio faced while climbing to super stardom. But Christie and Mauricio say this goes beyond Gloria and Emilio – it’s a story that all Latinos face.

“Taking this message during these times is important to remind people that the American dream is possible,” said Martinez, “We’re immigrants or sons or daughters of immigrants, and we’re pursuing the American dream. This show is a beautiful message.”

“We’re coming to individuals who are getting a lesson into how the Cuban people are, the Latin people are and Gloria and Emilio are,” said Prades.

Christie says that playing Gloria isn’t much of a challenge, as it’s mainly her reality.

“I feel as I’m interpreting Gloria, I’m interpreting myself,” said Prades. “It correlates with the life I lived. Not the super star part, but that’s amazing.”

Mauricio says it’s pretty much the same for him.

“I’m playing myself, pretty much,” said Martinez, “It’s an honor and a big responsibility. A dream. It’s a privilege to represent such an important man, a beautiful man inside and out who fought so hard and crossed barriers and frontiers to defend his passion.”

On Your Feet is playing at the Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami. Tickets are available by clicking here and will run through October 15th.

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