Mega Millions Tickets Go on Sale in Florida

South Floridians start buying Mega Millions tickets

Move over, Powerball. Mega Millions is moving into Florida with tickets now on sale for the popular multi-state lottery.

The game joins the Sunshine State's Lotto and Powerball, with tickets on sale Wednesday.

"It's exciting," said lottery player Filipe Placucci. "Another one to add to the list."

Willy Puig bought a Powerball ticket in Miramar, and decided to try Mega Millions too. "Maybe it'll bring me some luck," he said.

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Adding the game to Florida's gambling repertoire is not expected to make a notable boost in the overall funding supporting the state's education programs. Lottery earnings are expected to contribute $1.37 billion in the coming year to the state's schools and college financial aid programs.

"Somebody's gotta win," said Placucci.

The first drawing is Friday night.

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