Suspects Used Penis Pumps to Enhance Medicare Fraud

Men sent fake bills to Medicare to pay for penis pumps


Medicare fraud has been known to inflate the rates of others, but two Hialeah businessmen took it to the extreme, according to federal authorities.

Emilio Felipe Lopez, 47, and 25-year-old Orlando Hernandez Estevez used penis pumps to fraudulently enhance their charges to Medicare, the Miami Herald reported.

The two men filed nearly $2 million in fake Medicare claims, including a $63,000 claim for the erection pumps. They charged Medicare $395 per penis pump under the guise they were helping men solve their impotency issues.

According to the unsealed FBI report, Lopez and Estevez also claimed that penis pumps helped women battle erectile dysfunction too. We're not sure how that's scientifically possible, but Medicare thought it was a swell idea and forked over a hefty check.

Lopez, president of Charlie RX and Hernandez, who owned Happy Trips, had been on the run since February, but were arrested last week. They were expected to appear in federal court Monday afternoon.

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