Miami 911 Call Center Deals with System Crash

The City of Miami's 911 Call Center needed help of its own on Tuesday.

911 operators were unable to answer anyone's calls for help after the emergency center's computer system crashed.

The calls were disrupted around 8:30 a.m. in the city, but they were rerouted to the county's dispatch center. Miami-Dade said these are the types of situations they are trained and prepared for.

Miami Police said all three of their servers crashed. As of 5 p.m., two of them had been restored and the third was still being worked on.

"The way that we are set up, we can take on multiple agencies, not just our own and we can continue to do business and nothing is affected. All emergency calls for service, whether it's police, fire, EMS, everything gets handled accordingly," said Levenda James with Miami-Dade 911.

Dispatchers at the county center handled roughly 500 calls from the City of Miami; 300 of those were for police, and the rest were from fire and rescue.

The reason for the crash is still under investigation.

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