Miami an Open Canvas for Artists During Art Basel

Artists are putting the finishing touches on their murals to get ready for the week-long art festival.

With the start of Art Basel this week, Miami has become an open canvas for artists.

New murals will make each street a unique world for art enthusiasts visiting the Wynwood area during the week-long art festival.

"It's beautiful," said Ashley Vasquez. " It's just pieces of work everywhere. You're walking into it as they're creating and we really enjoy walking around the area. It feels very cultured."

Many of the new murals are going up at Wynwood Central, the latest real estate development in the area.

"Getting a whole bunch of artists together and having a good time -- it's very positive and you know making this neighborhood," beautiful," said Aric Weis, with Adjust Gallery.

Several artists could be seen Sunday finishing putting the finishing touches on their work -- all with their individual styles.

"What I do is all about anatomy. And this time I do a raptor skeleton with all the organs," artist Naychos said. "The back part is all skin and the front part mainly bones."

Art Basel officially kicks off Dec. 5th. For more information, click here.

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