Miami-Based Restaurant Development Program Aims to Help Scale Delivery Business

Ten owners will be selected and will receive a marketing campaign valued at $10,000 along with a partnership spot in REEF's Neighborhood Kitchens platform.

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The demand for food delivery during the pandemic has increased, causing many restaurants to pivot and create new menu items and strategies.

One concept gaining traction among local restaurant owners is a partnership with REEF's NBRHD Restaurant Development Program.

"It's a concept that works for us because it significantly reduces the capital barriers to entry into new markets and scaling in general, so it allows us to go from one location in Miami to multiple markets across the country very quickly," said Della Heiman, founder of Della Bowls. 

Miami-based REEF transforms underutilized spaces, like parking lots, where they place pods similar to an upscale food truck. Inside the vessels, cooks prepare food from a variety of restaurants that can be ordered by customers through online delivery platforms like UberEats, GrubHub, and DoorDash. 

"What we're doing is we're taking the recipes and the menus from various restaurants, including local restaurants, and we're replicating that in a neighborhood near you," said Uhriel Bedoya, REEF's Miami General Manager. 

In an effort to help restaurant owners scale their delivery business, REEF is now launching a restaurant development program. Ten owners will be selected and will receive a marketing campaign valued at $10,000 along with a partnership spot in the Neighborhood Kitchens platform.

"REEF is going to be taking a hands-on approach in making sure the client is successful, that these restaurateurs are successful. So yes there will be a mentorship component to all of it," Bedoya said. 

Panelists include Chef Michelle Bernstein, Chef Michael Schwartz, and NBC 6 and Telemundo culinary editor Kiko Suarez. 

"The panelists are going to be engaging all of them and seeing which of the participants applying have the potential to have the greatest impact in a short period of time," Bedoya said. 

Applications are open until Feb. 4. To qualify, you must have fewer than three restaurants in Miami-Dade County. The link to the application can be found here.

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