Miami Beach Celebrates Halloween Amid Heightened Security After NYC Attack

In the middle of the busy Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, hundreds packed the street to celebrate Halloween. Security was a concern ahead of the event after Tuesday's deadly attack in Manhattan.

Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine in August put up heavy concrete barriers after the deadly attack in Barcelona in which a van pummeled into a crowd of civilians.

Despite the fear following the Manhattan attack in which the suspect plowed into civilians on a bike lane, some in Miami Beach are not letting fear get in their way of celebrating Halloween.

"I feel pretty safe even though I know we had some bad news in New York. We always gotta watch out. There's always mean people around," Roberto Galindo. "I can't let them scare me. I can't let them take away living."

The Miami Beach Police Department said it was prepared and took action following the attack. Some access points were shut down with barricades and parked police SUV's were seen on each block.

"We tailor our response to whats going on around the world. Miami Beach is no stranger to large events – to large crowds," officer William Collado said. "We’re always prepared."

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