Miami Beach City Officials and Businesses Clash Over Proposed Alcohol Restrictions

Miami Beach city officials and businesses along Ocean Drive continue to clash over proposed changes to trim alcohol sales.

Businesses say Ocean Drive should not be a scapegoat for issues occurring over Memorial Day weekend, and what needs to be changed is policing.

This past Memorial Day weekend overall crime stats are down, according to Miami Beach Police; however, two shootings, an officer-involved shooting and a stabbing made headlines.

City commissioners immediately came out and said those incidents would mark the end to urban beach weekend, promising legislation that would affect bars and nightclubs. Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine said the answer was to reintroduce failed legislation that would restrict alcohol sales to 2 a.m.

The Ocean Drive Association said this is a knee-jerk reaction that doesn't get to the core of the problem, and that they've been working with the city on a 10 point plan it believes is having a positive impact.

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