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Miami Beach Cop Relieved of Duty After Risqué Video Shows Him With Lingerie Models

Officer William Beeker was relieved of duty and put on paid administrative leave Tuesday

What to Know

  • Miami Beach Officer William Beeker was seen in a video with three models wearing lingerie walking outside of the police department.
  • In a statement, Miami Beach Police say that Beeker was placed in an administrative capacity as their investigation continues into the case.

A police officer in Miami Beach has been relieved of duty after a risqué video showed him with three models wearing lingerie walking outside of the department's headquarters.

The staged video, making rounds on social media, showed 11-year veteran Officer William Beeker walking behind the scantily-clad models up the steps of the building on Washington Avenue, with all three in handcuffs at the time.

In a separate video, the women, who included a Playboy Playmate, thank Beeker for "letting them go." Beeker, who was riding an ATV, tells them no problem, and that he likes to "protect and serve."

In a statement, Miami Beach Police said that Beeker was relieved of duty and put on paid administrative leave Tuesday as they continued to investigate.

"It is disgusting that a representative of the Miami Beach Police Department, and the City as a whole, would choose to participate in this distasteful video," city manager Jimmy Morales said in a statement. "He has made a mockery of the men and women of the MBPD who work hard each day to serve and protect our community."

In a now-deleted tweet, porn company Bang Bros defended Beeker and said it intends to cover any of his legal fees.

"William Beeker is a great MBPD officer. As a Miami Beach-based business we have the ultimate respect for the MBPD. Although the video may not be in the best of taste to some, we intend to cover any legal fees he incurs fighting to reinstate his job," the tweet read, which also tagged MBPD and the City of Miami Beach's official Twitter accounts.

Calls to the police union went unanswered. NBC 6 also reached out to Bang Bros.

One of the women in the video said in a statement that she feels the situation has been "blown way out of proportion."

"We saw a police officer and asked if he wanted to be a part of it and he said yes," said the woman, named Julianne. "He didn't anything wrong. There shouldn't be any repercussions for police officers actively engaging with the public, regardless of the situation."

Some residents who live on the beach thought the video was a bit much.

"It's not the right place for that type of thing. I know it’s South Beach, but c'mon, that is pushing it a little too much," resident Romeo Da Silva said.

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