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Miami Beach Cracks Down on Illegal Vacation Rentals During Super Bowl Weekend

The city issued $168,000 in fines for illegal vacation rentals during Super Bowl weekend.

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As the city of Miami Beach continued to crack down on illegal homes listed on short-term rental sites, it issued $168,000 in fines for illegal vacation rentals during Super Bowl weekend.

From the Thursday before the big game to this Monday, the city issued 17 violations of zoning regulations and city codes.

“There’s a lot of that activity here and that’s the reason why our residents have demanded that as a city, we take action because it impacts their quality of life. Potentially public safety," said city manager Jimmy Morales. "People don’t buy a house thinking they’re living next to a hotel.”

The majority of the fines came from a residence on Pine Tree Drive - its fifth violation came with a $100,000 fine.

Police body camera footage from the weekend also showed officers with code compliance to issue at one unit in the Apollo Condominiums on 11th Street. The owner can be heard questioning why he's getting a fine for his tenant's improper rental.

Currently, the city does not allow short-term rentals in most parts of the beach, except in certain zones like the hotel district, which require a permit.

The allure of South Beach draws in plenty of tourists, but if you allow out-of-town visitors to unlawfully stay at your place, you could be fined $20,000 for each violation within 18 months.

“We’re out there proactively, we dedicate a lot of resources to it, and really, you’re not being a good neighbor," Morales said. "Think about would you like a party house suddenly every weekend next to your house? Please don’t do it and you’ll get caught if you do."

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