Miami Beach Dealing With Start of Annual King Tides Causing Flooding in Area

Residents on Miami Beach have begun to deal with the annual phenomenon known as King Tides.

The week-long event – when the sun, moon and Earth align causing solar and lunar gravity to combine – causes increased tides by at least one foot and flooding in several areas around the city.

Those who live and work on Miami Beach are advised to take extra precautions over the next week, as well as being advised not to drive through or park in low lying areas that are prone to flooding.

"Water in the streets also picks up pollutants from the surrounding environment," explained Chief Resiliency Officer Susy Torriente. "Avoid coming into contact with flood water, and ensure children do not play in or near this water."

The schedule during King Tides is as follows:

  • Thursday, October 13 – 7:10 AM and 7:32 PM
  • Friday, October 14 – 8:02 AM and 8:20 PM
  • Saturday, October 15 – 8:52 AM and 9:08 PM
  • Sunday, October 16 – 9:42 AM and 9:56 PM
  • Monday, October 17 – 10:32 AM and 10:45 PM
  • Tuesday, October 18 – 11:23 AM and 11:35 PM
  • Wednesday, October 19 – 12:16 PM
  • Thursday, October 20 – 12:29 AM and 1:11 PM

Boaters are also advised to watch out during the week as the tides create lower clearances under fixed bridges. Those who see flooding are asked to report the location to the city.

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