Miami Beach Man Arrested for Trafficking, Prostituting Underage Girl: Police

A Miami Beach man is facing human trafficking and prostitution charges after police said he was caught prostituting an underage girl.

According to a report from Miami Beach Police, an undercover officer spotted a young girl walking alone in the 7400 block of Collins Avenue on Sunday and asked her where the nearest bar was.

The girl replied with an invitation to the beach, and told the detective he would need $30 or $40. The girl told the detective he could get "whatever you want" and offered oral sex, according to the report.

The officer took the girl into custody, and upon further questioning determined that she was underage and was being prostituted by her "boyfriend," 37-year-old Antuan Medina.

She told police she had known Medina for about a month, and they had discussed her working for money. The girl told police she and Medina loved one another, and that she was helping him pay for his apartment by working as a prostitute.

The victim signed a consent to search her phone, which she told police belonged to Medina. As she spoke to detectives, Medina texted the phone with his address. Officers responded to the address and brought Medina in for questioning.

Medina brought his two-year-old daughter to the station with him, the report indicated.

Medina told police he'd met the underage girl and invited her back to his apartment because he "just wanted a woman in the house to cook and clean." Medina denied wanting to have sex with the girl.

He told police he'd recently purchased $70 worth of new undergarments for the girl, along with a wig. When asked if he'd had sex with the girl, Medina said he had not, but claimed the girl was 20-years-old.

When police informed Medina the victim was 16-years-old, he stopped talking to detectives, the report indicated.

Medina was arrested and charged with prostitution and human trafficking. He was ordered to be held without bond on the charge of human trafficking, and $7,500 bond on the charge of support from the proceeds of prostitution.

It is not known whether Medina has hired an attorney.

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