Miami Beach Man Who Spent 70 Days Battling COVID-19 at Hospital Goes Home

Jack Nolan, 66, spent more than seventy days at Mt. Sinai Hospital after contracting the virus in March

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A Miami Beach man is back home after battling COVID-19 for more than two months and being placed on a ventilator twice.

Jack Nolan, 66, spent more than 70 days at Mt. Sinai Hospital after contracting the virus in March. He spent weeks intubated only to recover and develop pneumonia and blood clots.

“I feel blessed. I am so grateful that I am here today," he said.

Nolan believes he contracted the virus while flying for work.

He said the sedatives doctors prescribed to keep him intubated led to hallucinations and that when he woke up the first time around, he thought the year was 2002.

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“My positive energy and attitude along with the prayers pulled me through this,” Nolan said.

Doctors at the hospital said few patients survive after being on a ventilator more than once.

“It is very rare…usually the struggle is to get them off the machine. Once you do, generally, people will get better,” said Dr. Seth Gottlieb, Chief of Pulmonary Medicine at Mt. Sinai Hospital.

Nolan said he ignored the initial health warnings and is worried people are being reckless with their behavior.

“I am keeping a very low profile, so if someone invites me to dinner, my answer is no. I would practice social distancing until they get a better grip on this," he said.

Nolan is walking on his own and receiving speech therapy.

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