Miami Beach Mayor Wants Ban on City Travel to North Carolina, Mississippi

Miami Beach's mayor is joining a growing number of city and state officials across the country in calling for a ban on official travel to North Carolina and Mississippi over those states' LGBT bills.

Mayor Philip Levine filed a resolution Tuesday to prohibit travel to those states and also imposes a moratorium on the purchase of goods or services sourced in those states until the legislation is repealed or declared unconstitutional.

"I firmly oppose the recent efforts that unjustly target the LGBT community in North Carolina and Mississippi and call on my colleagues to join me in sending a clear message on behalf of the City of Miami Beach that the days of bigotry must come to an end," Mayor Levine said in a statement. "If North Carolina and Mississippi want to go down a path of division then our City will prohibit official city travel to those states and put in place a moratorium on the purchase of goods or services sourced in those states. North Carolina and Mississippi leaders should join the great progress we’ve seen on achieving full equality in our country rather than embrace policies of hate and intolerance."

Similar bans have been put in place or proposed in Atlanta, Boston, Washington DC and elsewhere. The governors of New York, Minnesota, Connecticut and Washington have also taken similar action.

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