Miami Beach Mayor Wants to Crack Down on ‘Illegal Parties'

Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber wants to crack down on what he's calling "illegal parties" before they start, including one on Memorial Day weekend that promises "no rules."

Miami Beach has been looking for ways to control what happens on South Beach during high impact times like spring break and the Fourth of July weekend. So commissioners are considering an ordinance that takes on party and event promoters.

Digital flyers have also been promoting big-time events on Miami Beach for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend. One advertises "no rules" and "anything goes." Another Internet flyer advertises a twerking contest on 7th Street and Ocean Drive.

Gelber says the flyers are promoters advertising events without permits or any kind of permission or coordination with the city, and he says the ads lead to unmanageable crowds and sometimes become a public safety issue, as happened over the spring break and other holiday weekends.

The mayor and commission are expected to create an ordinance preventing promoters from throwing parties and events during high-impact times.

"A lot of these third-party promoters are literally promoting events that don’t really care about any of that, so if it is a public space you need a permit, if it’s a private space you’ve got to deal with occupancy issues and things like that so we are going to start policing it," Gelber told NBC 6 on Wednesday.

Commissioners were expected to discuss the ordinance at Wednesday night's meeting.

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